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20 Emerging Jobs of the Future

A decade ago, we couldn’t imagine many of the jobs that exist today. Social media director, cloud services engineer and mobile app marketer weren’t even on the horizon.   But the world has changed dramatically and new technologies are opening doors to many more new jobs in the coming years.

Cultural strategy experts Sparks and Honey put together a list of 20 such jobs (see slide show above).  Before deciding how far-fetched they seem, you should know that some of these jobs already exist.  Digital detoxers are here and here, productivity counselors here, Microbial balancers here and here, crowdfunding specialists here and here, and hack schooling counselors here, here, here and here.  Other jobs are clearly emerging, such as cultural skill sherpa.  It’s safe to say there will be ample opportunities for creative innovators to have some fun.

Sparks and Honey confirm that “Careers are now complex, fragmented, specialized, collaborative, and ever-evolving.” In addition, future workers are expected to develop a portfolio of micro-careers spanning three to four years each in different fields.  Under these conditions, the most important qualities adults need are to embrace change as a constant, develop a questing disposition and become a lifelong learner.

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